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Call for mech design art submissions

As an indie author, I love working with other indie artists and seeing their own interpretations of my stories. For this reason, I want to feature mech art/designs/sketches/outlines from "artists like you!" for each chapter heading in Burn Brightly.

What I envision:

A sketch design of a mech of your choice (some examples below.) Feel free to name the mech or leave it untitled.

Let your imagination run wild - the sky is literally the limit. Come up with a mech of your choice, or here are a few suggestions from the book:

"Racer" - floods the streets at night for illegal races
"Jinx" - alerts for trespassers
"Nova" - provides portable heat source
"Alley Cat" - climbs on roof to adjust TV/Radio antenna
"Tammy" - nanny-type companion for children

Featured artists will be credited in the book and also receive a free copy of the print book! Artists may keep copyright of their artwork while allowing me rights to use the artwork in any reprints, social media, advertising, etc. associated with The Last Machinist trilogy.

Interested in submitting? Send your designs to:

Thank you!


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