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The story behind "The Last Machinist"

As a child, I was fascinated by playing a Super Nintendo role playing game called Final Fantasy III. I loved the story, the style, the artwork, the music, the characters - all of it. Artwork for the game was designed by the famous artist Yoshitaka Amano, such as the artwork below.

Jump to two decades later in 2017, when I entered into a contest that challenged writers to build a story off a single sentence writing prompt. Something about that prompt brought back memories of Final Fantasy III, and from there I created a world inspired by the idea of man/woman and their partnership with machines, where the ways of new emerging technology clash with the spiritualism of old. I realized there was more to this world than the 3,000 word limit of that contest.

I didn't win, but the story was well-received. Once I finished other projects and opened my mind to the "next thing," I returned to The Last Machinist and started the first book in the trilogy, Burn Brightly.

I am excited to share this journey with you all and together we can explore Grimmoor City and what lies beyond.


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