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A storyteller since a child, Erin Ritch holds Associates degrees in both English Literature and Broadcasting. She graduated with honors in Film Production from Vancouver Film School, where her script "Neighborhood Watch" was chosen for production.


In 2015, Erin started a writer's blog titled "There are No Wyverns in this Story." The name was in reference to her penchant for writing fantasy (though her stories had an intentional lack of dragon-like Wyverns.) The blog developed into No Wyverns Publishing, a small press dedicated to all things indie.

Erin has written for two local newspapers with a focus on non-profits, small businesses, resources for women and children, and local history. Her essays have appeared in Oregon Home Magazine and The Manifest Station.


She lives in a rural town of 600 people with her husband, two small daughters, and an Irish Terrier named Arthur Pendragon. 

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