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Robert Castle should not be alive. When his wife Claire was murdered almost a year ago, Robert has no memory of his whereabouts on the night of her death or how he escaped the same fate himself. Narrowly cleared of suspicion for Claire’s murder and still reeling from her loss, Robert finds refuge in his floating house on the docks and the companionship of Piper, a spirited barista who sees another side to his sad tale. But Robert is no ordinary grieving widower; he has made a risky deal with Death itself to bring his wife back to life – he just doesn’t know it.

As a string of murders plague Seattle, Robert finds himself again under the watchful eye of Alex Shaw, the detective who investigated Claire’s murder and believes Robert escaped justice. Caught between a budding relationship with Piper and his obsession with Claire’s cold case, Alex is willing to risk it all to connect Robert with the killings.


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To those caught between seeking the true meaning of love and getting a spiritually hair-raising experience, I highly recommend Ritch's book.

A man grieving for his dead wife. Just going through the motions of living, or is he? This book has some twisted twists that are very unexpected!

If you are a fan of fantasy fiction with mystery woven throughout, this book is for you! Robert is a complex and complicated character, and the author skillfully brings out his and the other characters complex personalities. Be prepared to be surprised!

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