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Practical Magic meets You've Got Mail

A fanciful coffee shop run by magical women. A barista that’s still trying to figure herself out. And a small town named Windia where the residents drink coffee and get into everyone’s business. 


When a stranger shows up in town and puts her family’s coffee shop in jeopardy, Florence Mackenzie has to step in and do something to protect them, whether that’s an Espresso Off challenge, sabotage, or a good old fashioned banishment spell. But after the Mackenize women try to create a buzz by experimenting with a new blend of coffee beans, the residents of Windia suddenly start falling in love with each other. Florence chalks it up to the spirit of the holiday season, but when she starts falling in love (with the competition, no less) Florence starts to wonder if there’s something more bewitching in the air - or in the coffee?


A clean witchy romance set on the enchanting Oregon coastline, Witchy Coffee is filled to the brim with magical hijinks, an authentic enemies-to-lovers romance, and the cozy atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest during the holidays. Settle in with a coffee and slip away to the little town of Windia, where the forest meets the sea and there’s a promise of magic in every corner.

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Pour a hot cuppa and start reading this delightful para-witch story. I consider it a contemporary cozy mystery (without a murder). The first paragraph made a great impression on me, and it was smooth sippin’ until the last word.

cute romance + magic = WINNING COMBINATION

Witchy Coffee is such a fun and fluffy read! Set in small, seaside Oregon town, this book will give you all the Practical Magic vibes. I enjoyed all of the characters and the overall plot. It is a fairly quick read that will have you laughing and smiling from page one. 

"This book is a mix between Practical Magic and a bit of Forces of Nature with coffee and pastry in between."

"The worldbuilding in this novel is incredible - I really felt like I was in the Pacific Northwest, which is a feat since I'm all the way down in South Florida. The entire book gives cozy Lifetime movie vibes - it's like Charmed, with coffee."

"It was a funny, heartwarming and amazing book. It is the kind of book that once finished, you keep thinking and caring about the characters."

"Set in a small town where the community spirit is strong, Witchy Coffee is a charming novel. The Mackenzie family is loyal, supportive and fun."

"The supporting characters shine with bright eccentric warmth, especially Pearl, the wise matriarch with a few magic tricks up her sleeves."

"The description of the town and the treats in this book make you want to jump into the page."

"A perfect Christmas read with a hot beverage (obviously coffee) and tons of blankets. It was a perfect blend of coffee and witchcraft."

"This storyline was super cute and is a perfect Fall read. The main character, Florence, is super likeable alongside her family of determined women. The love interest in this story was also great and you could feel the attraction between the two characters jumping off the page."

"When I read the first chapter I fell in love with this book."

"This was a sweet book, with just the right amount of angst and the central family and couple were charming. I particularly loved the family dynamics, and the fun coffee and witchy details. I could so see living in Windia!"

"What a lovely little read! Beautifully paced with just the right about of subtle witchy goodness and romance. I got through this fairly quickly and honestly love how sweet this story is! I was getting hallmark movie vibes throughout (if you know, you know) Just the perfect book to cozy up to with a mug of coffee."

"Oh my God. Oh my God! I absolutely loved this book. I freaking loved it. You know how you get into a book and you're so connected and moderately in love with absolutely everyone that you just never want it to end? Well this was that book. And it was fantastically long and didn't drag for even a second. I could hardly put it down."

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