Witchy Coffee

Release date to be announced soon!

Florence Mackenzie was doing just fine as a barista in Portland, Oregon - that is, until she got fired right before her Christmas vacation. With her life to figure out and the rest of the Mackenzie family already counting on her to visit for the holidays, Florence returns to her hometown of Windia, a quaint community located at the northwest tip of the enchanting Oregon coastline.


But life is anything but sleepy in this cozy little coastal town. When Florence arrives in Windia, she learns her family's coffee shop has been targeted by a wealthy yet dashing competitor who wants to buy them out - and if they don't agree to his terms, he'll open a coffee shop of his
own in town. But the Mackenzie's aren't going anywhere and with a little bit of magic, a whole lot of coffee, and the entire town of Windia involved, Witchy Coffee will be sure to put you under its spell. 

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