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COMING JUNE 11, 2024
A cozy and magical tale of self-discovery, love, and the enduring bonds between the living and the dead.

Pippi Jennings has always been able to see ghosts, who she found to be rather friendly beings that listen politely to family conversations and occasionally borrow a sock from the dryer. She was the natural choice to inherit her recently-departed aunt’s inn, a popular vacation spot in Windia, Oregon where spirits go on holiday before moving onto the afterlife. When her aunt returns (reincarnated as a talking fox, no less) to help her niece manage an inn that literally has a mind of its own, Pippi finds her days filled with organizing excursions to ghost nightclubs, hosting midnight teas, maintaining harmony with the giant attic spiders, and most importantly, connecting the spirit guests with their living loved ones when they call the inn’s old rotary phone.

When the dashing yet delightfully unconventional ghost hunter Cecil Graham books a room at the strictly-no-living-allowed inn, Pippi finds herself drawn to him, even as he's determined to unearth the paranormal secrets of one of Oregon's "most haunted locations." Although dedicated to protecting her guests at all costs, Pippi is torn between duty and the love she’s found in someone who understands her world more than anyone has before.

Join Pippi in her first year as the Windia Inn’s proprietress, as she learns to operate a sentient inn, tend to the needs of her spirit guests, and balance a life she’s still living.

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